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We are a team of three scientists excited about science communication and looking forward to broadcasting your research and knowledge!

Welcome to Science in the Break!

Creating a Community of Researchers

Mission & Vision

Science in the Break is a communication platform to make research more accessible and provide more visibility to early career researchers. We hope that this will increase their network and promote future collaborations.


Science in the Break focuses on health sciences and rehabilitation, touching on methods like musculoskeletal imaging, movement analysis, electromyography, brain imaging, and brain stimulation techniques.


Guests in Science in the Break may choose to present their work or discuss it with other colleagues, explain a new method, share academic challenges or chat about funding experiences

How can we help you?

We can help you to: 
1. Promote your work

You can choose a very cool paper or method that you would like to share. We can have a discussion with you about it and make a video (about 10 min for papers, longer for video tutorials) with the highlights of the paper. We will do the editing of the video and share it in our social media. 

2. Share academic challenges

We are aware that academia is not easy, and we should support each other! Talking about it and sharing tips and tricks with other researchers will help everyone in the community of ECRs! We advocate for diversity, equality and supporting minorities, and we think that hearing your voice will help other researchers who go through the same challenges! 

3. Chat about funding opportunities

Do you have a experience with very competitive ​grants and would like to share tips and tricks with other researchers to incresae their chances? Be our guest! We have been on both sides, trying to get information about how to write a specific grant (in our case the Marie Curie Individual Fellowship) and we would never have achieved it without other researcher's support! 

4. Tag us on Twitter for job opportunities

If you have a cool job opportunity for ERCs in the fields of rehabilitation sciences, biomechanics or clinical neuroscience, tag us on Twitter and we will retweet it with our followers. Let's spread the opportunities among everyone to increase the chances and improve science! 

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